The Solution
Because babies cannot clear their nose by themselves, the nose can be cleaned only with the help of a nasal Aspirator. The Baby-VacŪ Nasal Aspirator was designed to provide a consistent controlled suctioning device using the suction from a common household vacuum cleaner providing 900-1500 Watts of power (or breast pump if you wish). The Baby-VacŪ will safely, quickly and very effectively clear the nose. The handling of the Baby-VacŪ is easy and straightforward. Being transparent, it is easy to observe the removed mucus and easy to clean. THE Baby-VacŪ has been tested and approved by clinics and doctors worldwide. The Baby-VacŪ improves the respiratory condition, as well assisting in the prevention of infection.
Advantages of the Baby-VacŪ nasal Aspirator:

  • Continuous suction works fast
  • No chance of blow back common with conventional aspirators
  • Removable Clear collecting chamber allows observation of results and easy clean up
  • Safe for newborns and toddlers
  • Doctor recommended